The Leadership Series

The Leadership Series is a collection of resources designed to help local church leaders, missionaries, and pastors develop leaders to strengthen and expand the church worldwide. The Leadership Series is unique from other leadership training materials. It incorporates a process of studying together and interacting that develops unity in leadership teams in two ways: (1) one-mindedness around biblical principles and (2) unity around culturally relevant strategies and applications developed together. The process uses biblical readings, readings from over 300 authors from the Church community worldwide, written projects, discussions, and applications. The Leadership Series is an excellent tool for equipping a wide spectrum of church leaders, including those pursuing roles as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and church planters.

Lsi overview

Series I

Series I is comprised of 15 courses, 4 of which are considered foundational while the other 11 build on that foundation. These courses are designed to help train those who desire to be part of a leadership and ministry team that is one-minded in ministry vision and philosophy. Out of this team would come those who commit themselves long term to local church leadership or those who desire to eventually be part of a missionary team involved in planting or establishing churches in other areas.