About Us

"BILD Store: India is an online book store owned by Bridge Connectivity Solutions Pvt. Ltd., and operated on behalf of BILD International. BILD Store: India offers scholastic materials, books and research works."

Bridge Connectivity Solutions is an entity solely owned by GSS (Global South Services, Inc. a USA corporation) which has its presence in several world markets. Their highly experienced team of professionals invests solely in businesses that are making a positive impact in the communities in which they operate. GSS’s current portfolio includes companies operating in information technology, business services, and hospitality that can deliver favorable returns for their investors.

The mission of Bridge Connectivity Solutions (BCS) is to be the bridge that connects communities by providing quality solutions and services. BCS is a channel partner of several leading edge systems manufacturers ensuring efficient and quality products for our customers. As a part of the growing need in the community, BCS a partner with BILD International offers a one stop shop of published materials for communities and people groups, of various languages, in India and across the world.